Leaving for Anchorage tomorrow

Kat and I are flying out of Tunt tomorrow morning for Anchorage ready for the interview at the USCIS offices on Thursday. Of course, the rescheduled appointment letter for giving the fingerprints hasn’t turned up which was expected, just adds to the stress. Although we’ve got hotels for a few nights down to Tahoe booked, we haven’t been able to do much else as we don’t what else is going on. Maybe we can talk some sense into them on Thursday, though even that seems like a waste of time – it’s meant to be very similar to the interview at the embassy in London, so sitting around for 2 hours then all over in 5 minutes. As we need to hang around in Anchorage until Monday just incase I have to provide fingerprints then, it’s going to work out over $600 on hotels which is waste. Also means we haven’t been able to use Alaska Air miles for booking tickets as we wanted a few days in Anchorage coming back up, so rather than $500 round-trip from Bethel to Seattle, is closer to $900 🙁

But, hopefully we can get everything sorted on Thursday and have some fun when we get to the lower 48.


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