Big crane on a barge

Seemed like a bit of activity over by the new airport today with a big crane busily working away at something. Looked like they also had a drilling platform going, so maybe they’re starting work again after getting the base runway built last summer. It was originally meant to be open for planes as of next summer. We took a walk along the river to have a look, but can only so far round there by foot:

River barge

We’re still sat around waiting for the USCIS in Anchorage to issue a new appointment for giving fingerprints – can’t even book flights until we get that through which is getting more than boring sitting around doing even less than usual. Longer we’re here means less time in the lower 48 and makes it even harder spending over $2000 just on flights for 5/6 weeks down there. Hopefully it will come through in the next few days and we can get away from here. Everything in + around Anchorage is just so expensive (think $150/night for basic hotel this time of year) we’re not really all that keen on spending time there anyway!


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