Month: June 2007

Out of Lake Tahoe and onto Utah

Thursday was our last full day in Tahoe and after kayaking in the morning we took a cruise on the Tahoe Queen out to Emerald Bay in the afternoon which was really nice as Joel had got the afternoon off

Falling off a kayak (repeatedly…)

After the jet skiing yesterday, Dan also fancied going out on the kayaks. I didn’t realise he used to have his own when he was younger and did all sorts of competitions! The manager warned the jet skis next to

Jet skiing on Lake Tahoe

At lunchtime we had a cool pool-party where both our families got together which was really good fun. Kat had got a ton of food, enough for lunch tomorrow as well! Was nice for everyone to meet each other too,

Hanging out in South Lake Tahoe

The fire has been up + down in terms of how well it’s being controlled and the damage it’s causing, but it’s meant we’ve spent 3 days sat around South Lake Tahoe not doing a great deal as once you’ve

Fire in South Lake Tahoe

Well, mam, dad, Nikki and Dan arrives safely yesterday and the drive back from Reno only took an hour or so. This morning we headed out early (certainly for a Sunday!) and took the Heavenly Gondola ride up the mountain