Winding down for the summer

Since it looks like GoDaddy finally got around to fixing my web hosting, may as well make a blog post. Dunno how long it had been down, though has been at least 2-3 days. Helpfully my e-mail runs off a different server so I didn’t even notice there was a problem until I tried to post something over the weekend.

School broke up last Wednesday, with prom + graduation for the seniors the previous weekend. Was nice that there were 6 or 7 people graduating as a lot drop out once they get to 18/19 years old. Quite a few already have college places lined up, so the teachers were all pretty happy about it. Some of the teachers have headed away for the summer already, and more are leaving in the next few days. There’s also been a bit of house switching going on with 3 teachers leaving – Marie has managed to move into a much bigger house which she seems really happy about. Rocky does too since he has more room to run around!

As we had to get all the house cleaned up ready for Frank to check over as part of the end of year procedure, we decided to move things around a bit in the house. Kat was feeling left out with not moving ourselves I guess! Figured it was also a good chance to finally take some photos of the inside of the our house:

Living room

This is just inside the house from the entry way looking into the living room. It’s all one open area, with the dining table in the corner (taken over by my computer stuff!) and the kitchen to the right. Here’s another shot looking from the kitchen corner back into the living room:

Living room again

And here’s the kitchen with our spiffy stainless steel fridge-freezer:

Our kitchen

The house feels a lot more open with the change in the living room as we get the full width of the room now, rather than having the couch in the middle separating the dining table. Kat seems pretty happy, and that’s the most important thing 😉 I also cut the shelving units for the gaming consoles to split them into two smaller units which works really well with the TV being central rather than stuck in a corner. Nearly lost my head a few times cutting the wood outside as there were a pair of birds nesting near the school that really didn’t like the bandsaw – am guessing they have eggs or chicks they were protecting.

We’d also ordered in a few groceries from Bethel today since we’re staying here another couple of weeks. Good excuse to ride the 4-wheeler up to the airport:

4 wheeler

Not much else been going on the last couple of weeks really. Waiting back on a rescheduled biometrics appointment in Anchorage, hopefully it will be either the 11th or 18th of June so we can get down Lake Tahoe in plenty of time for my family coming out. We got flights for Kat’s mom + brother booked a week or two ago, just to sort flights for us now!


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