How many video game consoles can you squeeze into an igloo…?

A couple of months ago whilst continuing my quest to read the Internet at least once, I came across various forums and articles on ‘freebie’ sites. To be honest, it all sounded well dodgy – you complete a trial offer such as DVD rental program like Netflix or music clubs with discount CD’s, right through to weighloss pills and stop smoking programs. You then need to get a certain number of people to sign up and do the same thing. After figuring it out, it’s not like a pyramid scheme when it builds up and you need dozens of people to get anywhere – for most rewards, 5-7 referrals is often enough depending on what scheme you attempt.

You’re still left trying to convince people to sign up for the offers, unless you hit somewhere like the Anything4Free or The Free Lunch Room forums where people looking to make a little extra money will complete the offers for you for say $10 or $20. Again, to me, that sounded even dodgier, but it’s easy to play safe and stay sensible.

Fast-forward to a couple of days ago, and Nick arrives with two Nintendo Wii’s – one for me, one for him (after he also cottoned on to how easy it is) 😀

Nintendo Wii from ClickPerksI’ve been after a Nintendo Wii since they first came out, and I spent 3/4 days in Anchorage popping into every game store and electronics department we came across trying to find one! No luck, so stumped up a little more money and bought an Xbox 360 instead. Haven’t regretted it as I love it and probably waste too much time playing it (though it’s not like I have much else to do, is it?!).

But, the Wii looks so appealing from a fun perspective, and Kat was also really drawn in by the TV commercials, so was still wanting to get one. The Xbox 360 is great when Nick or Jason come round to play video games, but there’s not much that Kat’s interested in, and with Wii Sports and Wii Play having fun little games such as tennis, bowling, golf, boxing, table tennis, etc. it’s something we’d both like to play. Not working made it a little difficult from a money point of view aside from actually being able to find a Wii stock, especially online, but thanks to a scheme on ClickPerks, I paid out less than $60 to complete a trial offer and then ‘hire’ enough referrals to do the same 🙂

My MiiKat loves creating the Mii’s, which are little characters you create based on your appearance – I’ve also found a nifty little script called Mii Transfer for OS X that let’s you transfer your Mii from the Wii controller onto your computer, and you can then edit them online using Mii Editor. You can see the Mii’s Kat and I use around here 🙂 It’s pretty cool replicating your appearance (or make yourself look however you please!), then see yourself playing golf or tennis in Wii Sports. When Kat first saw the Wii and looked at the TV to see what I was playing, she went “Wow, it’s you!” 😀

Kat's MiiThe motion sensing controls on the Wii are are an awful lot of fun, and even though I’m used to high definition graphics on award-winning games like Gears of War on the Xbox 360, you’re not paying any attention to lower quality graphics of the Wii whilst you dodging + weaving punches with a controller in each hand or lining up your tee shot on the 2nd hole in a quick 9-hole round of golf. Whether the novelty will wear off after a while remains to be seen, and this is one of the main concerns over the Wii all over the Internet, but the games are so addictive and easy to pick up and play (Kat beat me first time on the bowling game…) it’s something that’s always going to be around when you just want 20 minutes of fun. I’m also really looking forward to hooking it up to the Internet to download Virtual Console games since you can pick up original NES titles to rekindle my childhood!

PS3 from ClickPerksSlightly downplayed from the Wii, but I also received a Playstation 3 from ClickPerks a few weeks ago too 😀 This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment – though considering it cost less than $150 to complete the scheme, I wasn’t that bothered in a $500 state-of-the-art gaming system failing right out the box. For a full read on the hoo-hah getting it sorted and my opions on the PS3, check out my gaming blog on Live Space. A dodgy slot-loading Blu-Ray drive required a return right back to Sony for a replacement unit, a process which took a month. Poor customer support from Sony turned me off, and although the PS3 is actually a pretty impressive unit, I think I’ve spent too long playing the Xbox 360 to look at it objectively.

Still, it’s a nice system to have, even if a lot of the major titles coming up over the next 12-18 months are also releasing on the Xbox 360. I’ll always get the Xbox 360 title simply down to the achievements system, something sadly lacking in the PS3, even with Playstation Home and their trophy idea – that’s only one per game, a limit of 12 in your cabinet, and you must be online to show them off. But, considering various taxes, shipping, and warranty exchanges (easily bringing it close to $700), I’m not complaining for $150. Hell, even with the Nintendo Wii, around $200 has got me $750+ worth of video game consoles 😀

Now that I’m spoilt for choice with an Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii, I’d also ran out of space on the TV cabinet! I managed to get hold of a few sheets of wood and time in the workshop at school to knock up nice little shelving unit to hold everything:

Video games console unit

I got a set of component video cables for the Wii to allow me to hook up all three consoles via a Impact Acoustics A/V Selector (cut price deal on Amazon 😉 ) and I also have a Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless DSL router sat in another corner of the lounge pumping the Internet around the house including to all the consoles to stop me getting bored. Considering I got somewhere in excess of $800+ worth of video games consoles by the time you add on taxes and shipping for around $200, I’m not complaining 🙂 Certainly all keeps me entertained!


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