Playing on the ice

Although it was a little cooler this evening, down to around 40F, we headed out for a walk anyway. I’d taken the 4-wheeler up to the airport yesterday to pick up some groceries we’d ordered in, and all the ice had cleared on the river and it was all flowing freely. There were still a few large chunks of ice that had become grounded against the river bank – thankfully this one didn’t decide to start floating away:

Me on floating ice

Just to add insult to injury over mess with the biometrics appointment, the USCIS in Anchorage ended up giving me the appointment originally requested weeks ago – only took 3 rescheduled appointments. Of course, May 29th is no good now we have to attend an interview on June 14th, so need to reschedule it again. Shame they’re not pre-paid envelopes when sending them back though…


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