Nice surprise – new fridge-freezer

New fridge-freezerJust as I was leaving the house yesterday afternoon to go Nick help mount his projector for the interactive whiteboard (went well – we got the SmartBoard 680 running last weekend and then the mounting pole + bracket arrived yesterday), Mark walked up the steps saying he needed my muscle… Stage right, a new fridge-freezer balanced in the trailer of the 4-wheeler 😀

Does puzzle me sometimes, living up here. Some things can go weeks, or months, without being resolved, and other things get fixed pretty much right away. No-one expected this to arrive until July-time when the barges bring cargo down the river (no, the river hasn’t cleared *that* much just yet!), but guess the nice people at the district offices in Bethel decided to load this up on a plane and get it out here quickly. Not complaining.

Of course, the stainless steel finish seems kinda out of place up here, but as the rest of the kitchen is very smart anyways it actually looks really good! It’s a bit bigger than the old fridge-freezer, as the freezer compartment is quite bit bigger than the old one.

With the water now being safe to drink, might even hook up the ice-maker. Kat ordered in a load of fruit + vegetables from a grocery store in Bethel yesterday, so will be able to keep them nice + chilled rather then using them up quickly before they turn bad!

Need to give it another day to actually get down to temperature as it needed to settle for a day before being hooked up, but since we’re spending another 2-3 weeks up here now waiting to go for an interview in Anchorage, is much better than living out of a cooler. Is just kinda funny we waited a couple of weeks to get a cooler shipped up here and have only used for a week or so before this arrives! Still, least it means we have a good cooler for camping this summer and can load up on meat products coming back out here in August.


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