River breaking up

Hasn’t been a great deal going on over the last week or so except from encountering more problems and delays with the USCIS in Anchorage. Still waiting on re-scheduled biometrics, but I’m not bothered since I’ll be putting it back again now that I have to attend an interview on June 14th with regards to my application for permanent residency. Other than the irony of it being on June 14th, I’m past caring, so the less said on it the better. I’ve been biting my tongue, hence the lack of postings on here.

But, during the last couple of days the river has started flowing again which is pretty cool. The lakes around the village have been pretty much clear for two or three weeks now, though there is still all the ice underneath that’s just waiting to break up. It’s weird looking out the windows from the house and not seeing any snow, just clear lakes.

Melted housing lake

The river is flowing quite nicely by the old school buildings, then starts backing up again around the airport. Once it loops round and gets back to school on the other side of the village it seems to be moving nicely again – might wander over there tomorrow and see. The video doesn’t quite capture it, but the sound of all the ice piling together was cool:

Although the river has only started flowing the last couple of days, it has been broken up into chunks with large amounts of standing water for a while which is why it’s not ideal conditions for snowmobiles! Won’t be long before all these boats will be seeing some use too:

Small fishing boats

Looking across to the airport, you don’t want to come up short on the runway anymore! The river actually loops round the airport, with the runway being on a peninsula basically (knew 8th grade geography would come in useful…) so what didn’t look too bad with snow + ice at both ends now looks a little more menacing with water all around!

Exposed airport

Although the chunks and sheets of ice appear to be floating along quite happily, it’s easy to see how something scaled up somewhat brought down the Titanic – 4/5 inches of ice is showing above the water, but at least 2 foot lurks below:

River icebergs

Just as further proof snowmobiling isn’t such a good idea anymore, this is one of the winter trails running down from the banks onto the river itself – you’d want be putting the brakes on pretty heavily right around where I’m standing…

Trail to river

Kat got her college class finished up last week so is enjoying not having extra work to do on an evening anymore! We also found out Josh + Melissa have been offered jobs elsewhere in the school district in Mekoryuk, on Nunivak Island, where Josh will step up and become a principal, so Kat will be teaching 3rd grade next year. Will be a bit different, but she’s looking forward to it as it means a bigger classroom but fewer kids 🙂


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