Fun trip to the airport

Kat was taking her kids along to the airport this afternoon to collect rocks for a project they’re working on, so I decided to tag along. Pretty glad I did, as just as we were coming up to the airport a larger visitor than normal came in to land:

Short Bros SC7

I had to go on-line to figure what it was – it’s a Short Bros & Harland SC7 Skyvan (series 3, if you want to be really precise!), one of only about 35 left in operation! Those things can carry about 5,000lbs worth of cargo and/or passengers so reckon a fridge freezer would comfortably fit in one…

Whilst I was on Wikipedia trying to find out about the SC7, I came across an entry for Tuntutuliak which is pretty current (with a few external links to blogs now added 😉 ) for anyone wanting a bunch of numbers to send them to sleep, along with some satellite imagery thanks to Google Maps showing why it’s pretty difficult to move around now that so much of the snow + ice has melted!


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