Month: May 2007

Winding down for the summer

Since it looks like GoDaddy finally got around to fixing my web hosting, may as well make a blog post. Dunno how long it had been down, though has been at least 2-3 days. Helpfully my e-mail runs off a

How many video game consoles can you squeeze into an igloo…?

A couple of months ago whilst continuing my quest to read the Internet at least once, I came across various forums and articles on ‘freebie’ sites. To be honest, it all sounded well dodgy – you complete a trial offer

Playing on the ice

Although it was a little cooler this evening, down to around 40F, we headed out for a walk anyway. I’d taken the 4-wheeler up to the airport yesterday to pick up some groceries we’d ordered in, and all the ice

Nice surprise – new fridge-freezer

Just as I was leaving the house yesterday afternoon to go Nick help mount his projector for the interactive whiteboard (went well – we got the SmartBoard 680 running last weekend and then the mounting pole + bracket arrived yesterday),

River breaking up

Hasn’t been a great deal going on over the last week or so except from encountering more problems and delays with the USCIS in Anchorage. Still waiting on re-scheduled biometrics, but I’m not bothered since I’ll be putting it back