Probably more than clear water flowing in Sunderland tonight…

The guys working on the water treatment center finally got the go-ahead to turn everything on this weekend and have started flushing out the system at school. Those hold thousands of gallons of water so it will take a while before all the tanks and pipes are flushed out, but is amazing how quickly it’s made a difference at home. Greg had borrowed Nick’s water pump and the two of us drained the bottom of our water tanks at home, cleaned them out, pressure-washed the insides, flushed + drained again, and finally ended up with a tank you could see all the way to bottom of when full of water 🙂 That was a pretty sight! Still won’t be drinkable for a while until we’ve ran a few tanks through it (even then, I still don’t know if I’d drink it right from the tap!), but is nice to turn the taps on and have crystal clear water flowing through.

Was also nice to see Derby lose today and give Sunderland automatic promotion back to the Premiership – Keano’s certainly turned things around pretty quick, and so long as Quinn and the rest of the board can stump up a good chunk of money right away in the summer to bring in players, hopefully it won’t be so much of an embarrassment next season! Hopefully having a big name manager + personality like Roy Keane in charge will help bring in some more big name players, just a shame I won’t get a chance to watch them!


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