Late evening walk

9.30p.m and it was still around 45F (6C), so Kat and I headed out for a walk. We got out to the airport just as James Charles, a local pilot, was coming in to land:

He actually pulled up off the runway and looped back round to come in to land from the other side just as he was disappearing behind the trees and I stopped filming. After he taxied in to land, I was joking with him and he said sometimes he just likes to have fun when there’s no-one else in the plane to get scared! Turns out he’d been at a meeting Yuut Yaqungviat Flight School in Bethel as he’s a member of the board. Could be a useful bloke to know next year 😉

Charles James Cessna

Walking way over to the other end side of the village, and with the sun pretty low on the horizon we were casting shadows 40-50 feet across the tundra looking back across the lake to school:

Lake to school

Even at 10.30p.m, the sun was still happily sitting above the horizon:

Late sunset

But, got another letter from USCIS in Anchorage with what’s now my 3rd appointment for biometrics – May 7th, but at least it’s getting better. Will send another letter back in a few days asking for it to be re-scheduled again which hopefully will bring it back to around to May 23rd when school finishes. Getting to be a bit of a bugger not being able to start booking flights, campsites, hotels, etc. for this summer.


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