Joys of living in the bush

Our fridge-freezer decided stop working a few days ago. Frank + Mark guess the freon gas or whatever that gets pumped around inside has leaked out as the motors are running fine, just rotating warm air. Since you can’t exactly load a new fridge-freezer onto a Cessna 207 or even the 208 Caravans (well, you could if you were willing to be creative…), we had to make a new one ourselves:

New fridge

That’s going to be it until the summer when the barges come back down the river. At least we have a full-sized freezer we can store food in, just makes it more difficult trying to keep cheese, sliced meat, eggs, etc. chilled. Could probably stay inside the house actually since the boiler has gradually been loosing water pressure and has needed topping up for a week, so the house rarely gets above 60-65F (15-18C). Hopefully Mark will be able to get the pump he needs to top-up the boiler on Monday, but they’ve had more pressing things to get sorted like Marie’s new floor since taking a 10 foot detour to be able to walk around the kitchen without loosing a foot through a hole was getting kinda boring for her! Least all the rain and melting snow has allowed us fill up the water tank a couple of times this past week and haven’t had to haul any from the school.


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