Almost shorts + t-shirt weather

With the weather staying in the 40’sF (4-5C), for a week or two now, there’s a whole load of standing water around. Although the ice on the lakes hasn’t melted, all the snow that was sat on top has done, leaving a good foot or so of water on top of the ice. If it wasn’t for the ice still underneath, you could easily believe they were normal lakes:

Water covered housing lake

And the lake leading over to the two main stores, post office, airport, etc. is pretty much completely covered in water, although there’s still a mad few ploughing their snowmobiles through them like jet skis!

Water covered

Pretending your snowmobile is a jetski doesn’t always work though – the guy on the right is trying to tow the other snowmobile out, though it’s pretty well bogged down in the mud and wasn’t going anywhere:

Bogged down snowmobile

With a lot of the snow now clearing, you can see all the trash that’s lying around the village that people have just dropped or got blown around. There are trash cans dotted around and there is a big push to keep the place clean and tidy. Here’s the garbage man toddling around in a cool two-seater Polaris ATV emptying the trash cans before heading off to the dump (way out of the village):

Garbage man

Hasn’t been a great deal else going on recently. Waiting on the USCIS office in Anchorage to send through a new appointment for giving my fingerprints before we can start booking any flights for the summer which isn’t that good, but looks like we’ll be getting an extended rental car over the summer which is one less worry. When we looked at how much it would cost to pick up a decent 2nd hand car, get it registered, insured, etc. and the time it would take, plus what we’d do with it for a year whilst we’re back up here, Alamo car rental amongst others do car rentals on a monthly basis for a little over $1000/month including all taxes, breakdown cover, unlimited mileage, etc. Means we can get off the plane at the airport and drive away in a car, not have to worry about something breaking down and how much it will cost or delay us somewhere whilst it gets repaired, and can then simply hand the keys over at the airport whilst flying back.


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