Month: April 2007

Probably more than clear water flowing in Sunderland tonight…

The guys working on the water treatment center finally got the go-ahead to turn everything on this weekend and have started flushing out the system at school. Those hold thousands of gallons of water so it will take a while

Late evening walk

9.30p.m and it was still around 45F (6C), so Kat and I headed out for a walk. We got out to the airport just as James Charles, a local pilot, was coming in to land: [ Javascript required to view

Joys of living in the bush

Our fridge-freezer decided stop working a few days ago. Frank + Mark guess the freon gas or whatever that gets pumped around inside has leaked out as the motors are running fine, just rotating warm air. Since you can’t exactly

From sunglasses to snowboots

The forecasted snow hit last night and hasn’t let up yet. Is more of a wet + miserable snow than run outside and play snow 🙁 So, from last night where it was sunglasses weather on the boardwalks to this:

Colder weather and even later sunsets

Definately not shorts + t-shirt weather anymore. Temperature has gradually been dropping the last few days and is down to 20F, -7C, or so today. Has frozen the lakes + river again, and there’s quite a bit of snow expected