Month: March 2007

Progress with permanent residency application?

I’m guessing the pending $575 cashed check means that the USCIS have received all the forms we sent in a couple of weeks ago for my adjustment of status and all the forms were order. If something had been completed

First curry in 3 months

Last time Tony the dentist was in school a month or so ago, he brought in some curry mixes for me since it was the one thing I was having trouble with since moving out to the US as I

Cooked pike for dinner

So, we let the pike thaw out this afternoon and then tried cooking them 🙂 Turns out they were both females so I kept the eggs to freeze and use as bait next time – worth a try since they’ll

Ice fishing

After going out with the kids from school as part of culture week last Thursday, I was really keen to go out and give it a go myself. Nick + Dana were heading out fishing this afternoon and Marie and

Neither here nor there

Well, March 21st makes it 3 months since I moved out the US, and so technically the date my visa expires. You only have 90 days after entering the country on which the visa is valid, in the same way