Maybe I should just chop my hands off and mail them in…

A couple of days after receiving notification that the USCIS have received my forms for adjustment of status and employment authorization document, I received an appointment to provide my biometric data. It never detailed biometrics were required for the EAD, but guess it’s something they’ve just implemented (as with pretty much everything else to do with the immigration process, they’re constantly changing things leaving you jumping through moving hoops). As expected, the only centre is in Anchorage, and the first time something moves quickly with the paperwork results in having to postpone the appointment – would cost $650 round-trip on flights to get me into Anchorage for Monday 16th April 🙁 Not impressed when it’s simply a case of once again giving my fingerprints and providing a photograph, especially since I was requested to provide 2 photographs for both sets of forms. Means re-scheduling for when we’ll be passing through Anchorage at the end of May, thus negating the $180 idea of applying for an EAD as I still won’t be able to get a social security until the EAD is approved.

Guess everyone’s too busy getting ready to invade Iran.


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