Good stuff in the mail today

Rocky decided to investigate why I was lying in bed earlier and figured the best way to wake me up + make me feel better was to jump up onto the bed with me:

Rocky wakeup

After heading over to the grocery store, Alice from the post office caught me on the way back home to let me know there was a stack of boxes for school. By the time I got to school, Frank was already unloading them and one of them turned out to be my ice fishing stuff 🙂

Ice fishing gear

Hopefully this weather will hold for another few days and I’ll be able to head out this weekend. It feels very warm again even though it’s around -10C, and so long as the snow doesn’t become too soft + sticky, should be fun riding out on the snowmobiles to the fishing holes.

But, also in amongst the mail were two letters of receipt from the USCIS for my forms for adjustment of status application. Helpfully shows the receipt date as being March 16th, so if anyone checks my passport over the summer, it will show the visa expiring on March 21st but USCIS receiving my application of adjustment of status before this date 🙂 Also says they’ll arrange a date + time for me to provide my biometrics (fingerprints + photos), which hopefully will be in Bethel. I reckon it will be in Anchorage, so could be fun trying to arrange it for when we’re actually going to be around in the summer. Means the work permit is unlikely to be sorted by the summer to arrange social security though.


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