Calm after the storm

Who was it that said “What a difference a day makes”? Woke up this morning to clear skies, bright sunshine and not even a breath of wind 🙂 The workmen outside spent all morning digging out their equipment and materials that had been covered with snow drifts and are just checking everything over now. But, since it’s actually pretty warm without any wind (although still around -15C), I headed out to play in the snow with Rocky.

Snow drifts outside house

That was just outside out house right at the bottom of our steps, with the great big gouge down the middle from the digger the workmen have been using. Thankfully the snow drift wasn’t a couple of feet to the left otherwise we’d have had real trouble getting down the steps! Further round the village, the snow plow driver will certainly be earning his keep this week:

Snow plow working hard

No jokes about how the snow plow driver gets to work either please 😉 Hadn’t cleared the boardwalk around by the Pavilla store, but you could just about get through the snow if you tried hard enough:

Snow drifts around Pavilla store

It was actually Lucie that had told Kat I should go out for a walk around the snowdrifts over by her house, and sure enough, a couple of ‘helpful’ road signs:

Snowy junction

Behold, the dog with legs – very weird with Rocky climbing over snow drifts higher than my head!

Rocky no legs

Further along the boardwalks, another rather improbable speed limit sign:

Improbable speed limit

And coming back towards home, half a bridge (with another sign warning you of 4-wheelers…):

Snow covered bridge

But, I got a tracking update from UPS earlier saying my ice fishing gear had been despatched from their Anchorage depot, although since the delivery address was a remote location deliveries may not be made every day. Seems like a polite way of saying it will get delivered whenever the people in Bethel get around to it! We’d actually planned on going out fishing on Sunday, but since there’d already been a little snow on Saturday, Nick figured the trails would likely be covered up, and the standing water we’d had to avoid on Thursday would have been hard to spot. Turned out for the best, as less than an hour later the snow storm hit that continued until last night – wouldn’t have been much fun getting stuck out in that and trying to find our way back to he village!


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