Still no break with the snow storms

After stopping in the house all morning, we headed over to school in the afternoon so Kat could do a little work. The wind had switched from north east to north west, causing some pretty cool drifts combining from yesterday afternoon’s winds and then those through the night. Wading through to school around Marie’s house with snow up to my waist, and easily 4 feet or so high from the ground itself, made us realise why school just wasn’t possible:

School snowdrifts

Although Frank had made the call to close the school early enough for news to spread and hopefully minimise the number of kids heading into school, there is news of a 8 or so year old boy in Bethel that headed into school around 8.30a.m, didn’t arrive, and hasn’t been seen since. The blowing snow is just blinding, but hopefully they’ll find the kid soon (if not already). Back around the houses, all the snow from the middle area has been blown around the corner towards the school, but it has created a few drifts a good 4-5 feet high around our house and over towards the new water treatment building:

Housing snowdrifts

Just to make things more fun, our duplex had also ran out of fuel earlier on this evening. Thankfully Greg had picked up on it before the temperature dropped too much and got the heating systems fired up again. But, we’re pretty low on water as I couldn’t get the hoses running properly earlier – there was a loose connector and parts of it were freezing, but in the blizzard conditions it wasn’t worth standing outside trying to fix them so hopefully the storm will ease off tomorrow and we can try again.


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