A sixth sense?

The snow that started yesterday afternoon continued well into the night, causing some pretty cool snow drifts around the housing units, and with the blowing snow, pretty limited visibility. I said I bet they had a snow day at school but Kat wouldn’t have any of it as the school is rarely closed. Sounds weird that way out in the west of Alaska where snow is pretty much constant for half the year, there’s even a possibility of a snow day!

But, I get up to pour myself a drink this morning as Kat’s getting ready for work and not 2 minutes later Frank, the school principal, calls up to say school’s cancelled due to the snow + wind. Usually I would have unplugged the phone before going to bed as we had a couple of calls at 5a.m a few weeks that weren’t much fun, but last night I left it. Dunno why.

So long as I don’t start seeing dead people, I’m putting it all down to coincidence 🙂


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