Progress with permanent residency application?

I’m guessing the pending $575 cashed check means that the USCIS have received all the forms we sent in a couple of weeks ago for my adjustment of status and all the forms were order. If something had been completed incorrectly or we hadn’t included the right supporting documents, everything should have been sent back to us. So fingers crossed that everything was in order, I’ve got a letter of receipt on it’s way to keep any immigration officials at the airports this summer happy, and my case now sits for a year or two until being processed 😉

But, after saying how little snow we’ve actually had up here in the past 3 months apart from the first 2-3 weeks after I moved out, there’s been a lot of snow coming down early yesterday evening and most of this afternoon as well. Although it makes walking around a bit more fun since you can’t see the ice underfoot, it at least makes things look a bit prettier. With all the strong winds and clear conditions the last couple of weeks, a lot of the snow across the lakes and around the houses had been blown away just leaving the bare ice and exposed frozen tundra which isn’t all that appealing to look at!


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