First curry in 3 months

Last time Tony the dentist was in school a month or so ago, he brought in some curry mixes for me since it was the one thing I was having trouble with since moving out to the US as I can’t easily pick up any of the ingredients to make a sauce. He’d picked them up in Arizona, but we’ve only just got some boneless chicken breasts to actually give them a try so we invited Marie over for her first curry!

Cooking curry

When I actually got the mixes open, it was just the actual powder mix rather than a sauce, so was a little thinner than normal, but bulked out okay after adding in some other bits and pieces. Turned out a lot spicer than expected for a masala, but it was really nice once you got over the kick of it. After a good 3 hours or so in the kitchen, we finally got it on the table:

Indian dishes

As usual, far too much for a normal meal so we’ve got plenty in the fridge + freezer for next week! The onion bahjis really turned out well and were pretty much prefect right after cooking though lost a little of the crunch once reheated. I used this recipe from Asian Online Recipes and only took 5-10 minutes of preparation.

Bhajis and curry

The rice turned out a little bland just on it’s own but was really good with the actual curry sauce. I just used a basic pilau rice recipe and added in a couple of chopped hard boiled eggs to turn it into an egg pilau. I also gave naan bread a whirl using this online recipe which although didn’t rise all that well turned out great!

Naan bread and veggie curry

The only thing missing was popadoms as I’d forgotten about them until Kat was explaining to Marie what all the different dishes were! I certainly enjoyed the bhajis and was impressed at how easy they were to cook, and will try a different yeast for the naan bread next time and add in some sultanas maybe too.

But, Kat decided to chime in with a traditional dessert to match the rest of our meal:

The cake

‘The’ Cake. Not ‘a’ cake – ‘The’ cake, with a capital T. Best not to ask what actually goes into this, or try to figure out how many calories are in it! Tasted really good though, and we’ve still got half of it left even after the three of us had some and we palmed more off to Marie as she left 🙂


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