Cooked pike for dinner

So, we let the pike thaw out this afternoon and then tried cooking them 🙂 Turns out they were both females so I kept the eggs to freeze and use as bait next time – worth a try since they’ll eat pretty much anything and we’d used salmon eggs yesterday. After we (or rather Kat, since I’ve got a nice cut on the top of my thumb she doesn’t want to get infected like Josh before Christmas!) gutted them, I wasn’t sure how much meat we’d actually get off them as they didn’t seem all that impressive once cleaned out. But, they seemed to soak up the little sauce I smeared over the inside before cooking them and we ended up with quite a bit from the one fish:

Cooked pike

That was more than enough for the two of us! It wasn’t quite as bony as I expected other than down towards the tail, and much like when cooking trout the scales peel right off after cooking and you can easily separate the actual meat off the spine. Was pretty tasty, nothing all that special, though will look at making a proper sauce for next time since it was still a little try just on it’s own.


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