Neither here nor there

Well, March 21st makes it 3 months since I moved out the US, and so technically the date my visa expires. You only have 90 days after entering the country on which the visa is valid, in the same way when you fly in on a visa waiver as a tourist you only have 90 days in which you are entitled to stay in the US.

Although we filed the forms for adjustment of status on March 10th, within the 90 day period, it’s still a little worrying since I’m in that in-between stage where the visa doesn’t give me any right to stay in the country anymore, but I also haven’t received acknowledgment from the USCIS that my application for adjustment of status has been accepted and is pending approval.

It’s probably going to be another 2/3 weeks or so at the earliest before I either get a letter of receipt acknowledging the forms have been filed, or I get them all back since something wasn’t correct, but at least I’m not travelling through airports or likely to pulled over by the police and have to show my passport 😉


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