Playing with Xbox Live

I’d signed up for Xbox Live last week to see how it worked on the internet connection at home. It was really good fun on the original Xbox I had back in England, but that was on a much faster connection (3Mb at one point in Gateshead!). Although it would happily download various updates for the Xbox 360 itself and the different games, online gaming just isn’t gonna happen 🙁 Keeps disconnecting from EA servers on Burnout Revenge and Madden ’07, and after a few rounds of Gears of War with so much lag I couldn’t even get a shot off, have decided to call it a day!

But, means my gamertag now gets sync’d online whenever I plug the Xbox 360 into the network:

The achievements are a cool idea, rewarding you for completing various levels on a game, or winning a basketball match with a certain number of assists or free-throw percentage for example. Some games handle achievements better than others, but it means on games like Burnout Revenge, there was more incentive to go back through and perfect different driver levels and race formats to gain extra achievements and points. Keeps me entertained during the day, and is fun when Nick or Jason come round to play – when they were playing NBA 2k7 on Friday night I just watching and it was more like a real game in terms of graphics!


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