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Still hadn’t had any joy with my camera after it went blurry on Friday, even though I’d let it gradually warm itself up and dry out. Tried leaving it in a zip-lock bag with a packet of silica gel to dry out any moisture, then carefully opened the camera up and used a warm hair-dryer. Gave me something to do I guess. Dad suggested re-cleaning the lens after it’s all dried out, but still ended up with this:

Camera not working

Annoyed at looking at the camera being well and truly knackered, and not particularly wanting to spend $100+ just to get it checked out by the nearest camera shop, I went to turn it off and hit the zoom button by accident:

Camera working

Now that just ain’t funny! Seems like there is some damage to the lens as it doesn’t focus at all when you first turn it on – tap the zoom button and it clears up through all remaining zoom stages. That first zoom stage barely does anything in reality, just seems to prep the camera for engaging the zoom, so it’s not like I’m loosing half the picture. Guess I can live with that since everything else seems to work fine 🙂


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