Community afternoon for culture week projects

After taking Rocky for a walk, I got home and realised it was 1.30p.m so headed over to the school since they were having a display of all the projects the kids had been working on during culture week. They also had the native dancers performing in quaspegs and head dresses – having been outside for an hour in the cold, my camera really didn’t appreciate the warmth of the school, but sure I’ll be able to get some photos from other people.

Some of the crafts the kids had been making were pretty impressive – ulu’s, fishing traps, quaspegs, bird houses, miniature sleds, bead bracelets + necklaces, etc. Was also cool to see a lot of the adults from the community had come in to see what the kids had made, watch the dancing, and generally show encouragement. The kids seemed pretty proud of what they’ve made – one kid was showing me his ulu and I can see another kid out the window right now riding across the ice on this bike with a fishing trap over his shoulder!

But, I ordered in a little jigging stick for all of $5 (then about 5 times that on various lures, bobbers bait!) as quite a few people had thought it was cool I’d rode out with the kids out yesterday and said I could along with them when they went manucking 🙂


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