The Foulds’ on Jenson Button’s Honda F1 car…

I was originally going to head over to Nick’s tonight with the Xbox 360, but just as I was ready to leave noticed the Formula 1 second practice sessions was starting on TV. I’d checked online and it wasn’t scheduled until 11p.m, but forgot that would be 11p.m eastern time so 7p.m up here! But, Nick + Jason are coming round here tomorrow night instead as Kat’s going to do some studying at Marie’s house.

Anyways, watching F1 on Speed TV was weird as it was three British commentators to one US guy with one of the British commentators sounding a lot like Pete Ayliss, the golf commentator. Very bizarre listening to that kinda slow, laid-back accent, but on car racing! The US guy was talking about the new Honda F1 car and how they’d paid an advertising firm $200,000 a month for over a year to help them find sponsors, yet in the end they went for a livery showing their eco-friendliness which is cool, but are also giving people the opportunity to have their name on the car itself.

My name on a Honda F1 car

Sure enough, on the Honda F1 website you can go and make a pledge as to how you’re going to help reduce environmental damage, make a donation of at least £1, and have your name appear on the race car. It’s only the size of a pixel so you’d need one hell of a microscope to see it, but is pretty cool – the picture above shows where my name will appear on Jenson Button’s car! You can see the full-sized pledge here. Not to be outdone, we made a pledge for Kat and figured I’d get my dad in on the action since we used to head down to Silverstone for the British grand prix for years 😀

All for a good cause and sounds pretty cool to have your name on an F1 car – if you want to do the same, here’s the Honda F1 My Earth Dream page. The car is meant to be able to hold up to 2 million names, so get in quick!


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