Culture week in school this week

Today’s been pretty cool. The package Kat + I sent just after new year finally arrived at my parents – only took 2 months, but at least there’s a ton of little pressies for people that mam + dad will send out to others pretty soon 🙂

I’d also wandered around school for a bit this afternoon since it was culture week where locals from the village come into the school to teach the kids some native crafts and skills. Kat has been looking after kids doing beading, Wanita was teaching kids how to make quaspegs, and there a couple of groups of kids making fishing traps out of chicken wire and being shown how to repair fishing nets. I also spent quite a while watching native dancing – Martina was explaining they would use dance to tell stories and would have different dances before a bird hunt or seal hunt or to celebrate a person’s life after death.

This evening, Kat and I went out for a little walk as it wasn’t all that cold, around 5f (-15C). We’re getting some pretty cool sunsets the last few days as the days grow longer, though still haven’t seen the northern lights.

Late sunset

We’d also made some friends over towards the old school – a couple of puppies running around just wanting some attention. These two seemed to be really well looked after as we think they’re from a family that breeds dogs which is nice to see in comparison to some other puppies in the village:

Friendly puppies


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