Much longer days now

With the early move to summer time over here in the US, today feels pretty weird. We’ve had the sunset moving back 10-15 minutes each day for a while now, but it’s now coming up to 9p.m and is still feeling like it was at 6p.m only a few weeks ago. During the summer, they end up with only 3-4 hours or so of dusk rather than complete darkness which I think will feel even weirder! Around Christmas it was maybe 4-5 hours of daylight which wasn’t that hard to cope with, but almost constant daylight could be fun!

But, at least my new Remington hair clippers had arrived through the mail 🙂 The ones I brought over from England wouldn’t charge over here as the power adaptor was the wrong voltage, and was only about $10 more to get the full kit with all the cutting blades, mini-trimmer and carry case than a replacement power supply. One of the kids at school last week had asked what happened to my hair since it had grown so long (maybe 15mm…) as he said when I first moved up here I looked more like a gangster on TV! So long as I don’t end up on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted in the post office (especially since an Alaska State Trooper flew into the village yesterday!) I’m pretty happy with my grade 3 again.


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