Kat got me polar bear (kinda!)

Not quite sure what had spurred it on, but Kat decided that she’d like to make a donation to the WWF (no, not the wrestling people!). I’d been joking for months that I wanted a polar bear so we figured that’s what we’d go for:

Polar bear adoption

It’s more of a symbolic adoption in reference to a monetary donation rather than actually adopting a particular bear (that writes you a letter twice a year like some adopt-a-dog schemes…). Is still pretty cool though, with over a dozen different types of animals they have on this scheme, and all for a good cause too 🙂

But, we finally got the official marriage licence through the mail today which means I can send off all the forms for adjustment of status to the immigration department. Was getting a little worried as my fiance visa expires on March 21st, at which point I technically have no legal right (from an immigration of point) to stay in the country unless I’ve filed for adjustment of status. Sending the forms off tomorrow gives 10 days or so for them to reach the Chicago processing center, but at least I will have actually filed them within 90 days of arrival even if they’re unlikely to do much with them for a while.

Hopefully there won’t be any problems and I’ll get a receipt notification back by the time we leave for the lower 48 at the end of May, as I’ll need some proof I’ve filed for the adjustment of status incase I get stopped by immigration at one of the airports. Would be nice if the employment authorisation document is approved by the end of May too so that I can apply for a social security card whilst in Anchorage, as otherwise it would mean waiting until Christmas. All totaled, is another good use of $575 🙁


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