Dog-sitting Koda

Koda chewing boneWe picked up Koda from Nick + Dana’s house last night as they’ve flown into Bethel with the girls high school basketball team for a district tournament. There’s quite a few of the Yup’ik staff and pupils heading into Bethel to watch the games as high school basketball is a pretty big thing up here. The team has already won a couple of trophies this year that I’ve seen around school, so hopefully they’ll come out on top this weekend!

It’s nice having Koda around though as he’s pretty fun to play with. He’s got quite a few mannerisms just like Rocky, though doesn’t talk back as much as Rocky does which is nice! Still does the same howling at the curfew siren at 9p.m though 🙂 Doesn’t seem as destructive as Rocky when it comes to his toys, though he does have a stuffed animal that’s pretty much torn to shreds!

At the moment he’s just flaked out on the floor after playing with the tennis ball for 10 minutes as the sun is shining through the window on to him. Isn’t much warmth outside as the wind is pretty strong so he’s decided not to play outside this morning! I don’t blame him. The construction workers are still trying to figure out how to get this water station onto the metal frame foundations – it’s still sat half-on the frame with a couple of the JCB’s on one side holding it up. Again, don’t envy them working outside today!

But, after school yesterday I was watching one of the high school kids for a couple of hours as Frank employs them as student helpers once a week to do some little chores around the school. Usually just little things like tidying up classrooms, cleaning walls, hauling water for staff, etc. The kids get paid a little over $6 an hour which I suppose is better than nothing! Not sure how keen I’ll be when they have jobs outside in this kinda weather, but the in-school jobs were fine as I just left them to it and kept checking back every few minutes. He seemed to think it was pretty cool to be wearing the face mask and using anti-graffiti cleaner cleaning the walls in the bathrooms!


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