Well, no JCB through the side of the house yet

After moving the first part of the new water purifying station over here on Saturday, the second station was dragged over this afternoon. After school, they disconnected the school sewer line and started moving them across to where they’ll eventually sit:

First station

Some pretty close calls later (and only bumping into the uprights on the sewer line a few times…) they jiggled the first station through and past the house. Was still pretty tight – this was looking out the kitchen window as they were bringing it round the corner (note the broken strips of wood on the side where it dragged across the upright for the sewer line!):

Water station through kitchen window

Onto the second station, which has now just been left right next to our house so the view out of one of the windows is covered!

Second station

Still not entirely sure how they’re going to lift these the 3/4 feet or so up onto the foundation posts as I haven’t seen any cranes around. The JCB’s are able to lift them up I guess, and they do have two of them, but it would be very tricky getting them into just the right position. The next few days could be fun watching them figure it all out!


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