Bob the builder, eskimo style

Bit more action from the men working on the water purifying station over the last couple of days. They’ve been moving across and welding the metal girders on top of the foundation posts laid a month or so ago, and they also moved the actual water purifying station itself over:

Water station

Guess rather than actually building it from scratch, they’d floated down a pre-built structure last summer. Literally just hooked it up to a JCB and dragged it 3/4 mile over here (though it does look like it’s sat on some kinda of weird trailer). Is nicely sat right outside our house, though expect they’ll move it today since they need to take out a chunk of the school sewer line to move it into position! Least it’s a bit warmer for them to be working outside today – was impressed they’re welding gear was working at -20C and with the wind there was outside yesterday 🙂


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