Blasting Akrid to feel better

The last couple of days I’ve felt terrible – think I’d picked up some stomach bug going round at school. Either that, or was something I ate on Thursday. Spent all Thursday night with pretty bad shooting pains in my stomach and wanting to vomit, but started easing up yesterday. Seems okay today which is good since it’s pretty nice outside and we’ll probably go for a walk later on.

Has been really cold the last few days, down to -20C though closer to -30C with the windchill. Seems pretty calm today without much wind and is very clear – can see half a dozen aircraft trails through the sky which is weird as they’ve all got to be heading to/from Anchorage yet that’s over 400 miles away and we’re an awfully long way of the airways for planes that fly the routes to the lower 48 states!

But, my two games from Gamefly had arrived on Tuesday which I was impressed with considering they’d only been sent out on Saturday. Really been enjoying Lost Planet Extreme Condition as it doesn’t require a whole lot of thought apart from hitting ‘reload’ on your gatling gun every now + again 🙂 Haven’t been able to get into Rainbox Six Vegas as the controls feel pretty clunky – not at all like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigher it’s partially based off. Maybe things will start picking up later on though.


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