Month: March 2007

Maybe I should just chop my hands off and mail them in…

A couple of days after receiving notification that the USCIS have received my forms for adjustment of status and employment authorization document, I received an appointment to provide my biometric data. It never detailed biometrics were required for the EAD,

Good stuff in the mail today

Rocky decided to investigate why I was lying in bed earlier and figured the best way to wake me up + make me feel better was to jump up onto the bed with me: After heading over to the grocery

Calm after the storm

Who was it that said “What a difference a day makes”? Woke up this morning to clear skies, bright sunshine and not even a breath of wind 🙂 The workmen outside spent all morning digging out their equipment and materials

Still no break with the snow storms

After stopping in the house all morning, we headed over to school in the afternoon so Kat could do a little work. The wind had switched from north east to north west, causing some pretty cool drifts combining from yesterday

A sixth sense?

The snow that started yesterday afternoon continued well into the night, causing some pretty cool snow drifts around the housing units, and with the blowing snow, pretty limited visibility. I said I bet they had a snow day at school