Family night at school

Kat went through to school last night to help out Wanita with family night, an event they run once a month to try and encourage parents to come into school on an evening and spend a couple of hours doing activities with their kids. Sounds like a good idea, as they often do crafts together, read books, play games. etc. I wasn’t all that keen on two hours with kids, but played nice and showed up for the last 20 minutes or so 🙂

Both Kat and Wanita had been disappointed with it, as although there were a lot of kids there, some were only 2/3 years old and the parents had sat in the library doing some needlework themselves, leaving Kat and Wanita to look after 30 or so kids. Seemed like it defeated the idea of a ‘family night’ if the kids are left with the teachers whilst the parents do their own thing. But, even back in England it seems like some parents treat school and teachers as free baby-sitters! The kids enjoyed it though, and they all got a drink, some snacks, a book to take home to read and a little toy if they hadn’t won one of the raffle prizes.

The idea behind family night sounded pretty cool, but even Kat said she felt as if the parents sometimes take teachers for granted and aren’t all that appreciative. That seems to go part + parcel with being a teacher though! I wouldn’t have the motivation or enthusiasm to go back into school for 2 hours on an evening to effectively spend another couple of hours teaching little kids, but guess that’s why I just break computers 😀 Isn’t always like that and they’ve had some really good family nights last year where there’s been a few less kids and everyone has worked together, so maybe I just catched things on an off-night.


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