Trying out Gamefly

GameflyI signed up for Gamefly yesterday to see what the service is like, as they have a couple of pretty cool introductory offers. Either go for a 10-days free trial, or first month half-price and includes 12-month subscription to either Offical Xbox Magazine or Playstation Magazine. I went with first month at $12.95 and Xbox magazine subscription as the way the mail works up here, could sit for a week into the 10-day free trial before getting any games through!

It works very much in the same way Netflix, or Screenselect back in the UK, works whereby you add a load of games you’d like into a queue, and they send out the first two available on your list (number of games out varies depending on your subscription plan). You play them as long as you want, send them back when you’re done, and the next available game is sent out. Works nicely since there’s no late fees so if you really like a game, can keep it for a couple of weeks, yet if a game isn’t too hot, can return it the next day and you haven’t blwon $60 on buying it brand new. Plus, as they’re meant to send out all the manuals and stuff with it, should you like a game there’s an option to keep it for about $45 on average, which is about what you’d put for 2nd games from Gamestop.

First two games coming out are the ones I had at the top of my queue but were on ‘Short wait’ last night, so guess they must have come into the warehouse this morning. Should be playing Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Rainbox Six Vegas in a few days, both two games that look very cool and have wanted to play for a while, but didn’t really want to cough up $120 for the pair of them 🙂


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