Playing on the river videos

No apologies for how long this page may end up taking to load with half a dozen videos! I’ve only got a 64k upload connection so I bet it took longer for me to upload them than for you to download them 🙂

We’d been pretty lazy today, so headed out with Rocky for a walk along the river in the afternoon. Seems like it’s always very quiet going for a walk along the river as there’s no kids round there, whereas walking through the village they’re everywhere! We headed over to the south bank of the river by the airport where Kat hadn’t been before and was pretty cool:

Tundra sunshine

Looking back across the river, the runway is right on the bank and the in the distance, you can just about see the school building. It’s very visible when you’re actually there since it’s the biggest building in the village and happens to be painted bright blue! This is the opposite end of the runway from where the terminal building and the other photos and video were taken:

River banks

But, onto some videos! First up, with the ice forming in layers, on the banks it often breaks away so you can pick it up and throw. No particular reason why though!

After timing it right for an airplane taking off a few days ago, we then had one coming in to land right over us:

The cold effects people in weird ways. Not much else to say on this one really:

Figured I should get in on the act next. I dunno, might have just been something in the air, or Rocky’s natural behaviour finally rubbing off onto us!

We then got treated to another takeoff right over our heads. There weren’t any passengers in the plane and the pilot obviously saw us waving (though probably thought it was a couple of kids!), as they don’t usually bank and turn like this, honest!

After taking a rest by sitting around on the ice, Rocky realised that he was basically surrounded by chew toys. Not sure why he thinks chunks of ice are the best things in the world, but he does!

We had fun, and it wasn’t all that cold either so was nice to mess around for a bit. Coming back into the village past the airport, a little ice hole had been formed by people coming and chipping ice. Is a bit of weird spot, and only about 3 feet across, but this is basically what you do when chipping ice to got into the water tank – break off chips of ice from the frozen lakes:

Ice chipping hole

Most of the locals head to a lake north of the village just off the trail up to Bethel, but guess someone hasn’t been wanting to head that far. Also around the area, along with numerous fox trails, were what looks to be hare tracks:

Hare tracks

Made me of think of Jessy, though don’t think she’d be quite as happy in this kinda weather! Too many foxes and people out hunting too – often see spent shotgun cartidges along the river and through the tundra.

We didn’t make it to the basketball matches, but the girls team won again. Not sure about the junior teams who been at an invitational just outside of Bethel – some of Kat’s kids had gone, so sure we’ll find out all about it on Monday as it’s the first time most of them well have been away with a sports team since they were just 4th/5th graders!


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