Evening walk round the river to the airport

Was hovering around -20C, but we headed out for a walk with Marie + Rocky 🙂 Has just been so pretty the last few days it seems a shame to waste it, so on with all the winter gear and out we went! About half way round the river, up comes a snowmobile sliding sideways. Nick had been out hunting and saw us walking by so came to say hi, then rode off into the sunset:

Riding into the sunset

Coming up on the airport, we saw the drilling and earth moving machines that had been laying all the foundations for the new water purifying station a few weeks back. There’s been a couple of guys wandering over and looking at plans, but no more actual work going on. These machines will get floated back up to the Bethel on barges once the ice breaks:

Drilling machines

We’d seen a Yute Air aircraft flying in earlier on, and as we got the airport we saw it taxiing ready for takeoff:

Aircraft taxiing

I’d been waiting weeks to end up at the airport as there was an airplane taking off, and finally timed it right. Standing in the middle of the river at the end of the runway, all I could do was hope the pilot got it into the air!

There’s a sign along the river bank at the end of the runway warning barges not to dock there for loading or unloading. Fairly obvious, but back in October/November last year an aircraft was trying to land and ended up crashing into the bank right around here. The plane was overloaded with groceries for the local store, and the pilot got out safely – luckily Nick was there working on the airport building and dragged him to safety.

Np barges

A couple of basketball teams are due to fly into the village to play some games against our school tomorrow evening and Saturday morning which should be fun. The girls high school team are already 5-0 or something and heading to Bethel for a district tournament soon thanks to their results. Might go see some of the matches over the weekend depending on how many kids start climbing all over me. Some of them still think I’m Spanish ‘cos I talk funny…


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