Flowers in bloom

Kat’s mom, Cris, sent through a package 5/6 weeks ago which had all sorts of goodies in, including a couple of “flower bulb in a pot” kinda things. One of them had already started growing in the mail so didn’t really bloom though adds a nice bit of greenery to the house, and the second bulb has just kept growing + growing without actually flowering. Yesterday it did:

Flowers in bloom

They really are an intense a red, with two of the buds flowered and another couple of buds ready to open up within the next day or two. Kat’s also got a few bell pepper plants dotted around which flower well with little white petals and grow little baby bell peppers, but not much else seems to grow that well or last more than a year!

I’ve also just pulled a tray of cookies out the oven I’ll cut into little squares once cooled a bit:


Might even let Kat eat a couple, depends on how generous I’m feeling! I know I’m feeling too much like a housewife though…


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