Effects of the cold weather

Another night, another walk. Was a littler earlier than last night, and got a really nice pose from Kat with the sunset behind her:

Kat in the cold

Spend too long in the cold and you end up humming the tune to an ancient computer game that was on the BBC Micro which had some kind of organ grinder playing music (any ideas what it was, dad?). Definately know yer brain is shutting down from the cold when you’re walking through the middle of the tundra humming stuff like that! And in case you’re wondering, this is what happens when you spend an hour walking around at 8p.m when it’s -25C:

Feeling the effects of -25C

That ain’t snow, it’s all frost. Was making my eye lashes freeze shut briefly when blinking! How long is it until we get to California in the summer…?


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