Night-time landscapes

Although the temperature was hovering around 0F (-18C), and with the windchill closer to -18F (-28C), we still decided to get out of the house tonight right around sunset 🙂 With the proper winter gear on, it’s quite comfortable. This time we went the opposite direction to Saturday’s walk, going east round the river towards the airport. This was right as the sun was disappearing below the horizon:

Sunset from the river

Just to the lower right of the crescent moon is what I think is Venus. It was due to be only 2 degrees away from the moon tonight and was so bright to the naked eye we’re pretty sure that it was Venus. Further round the river and up to the airport, a slightly blurred scene of a lone Cessna 172:

Airport at night

But, considering the minimum operating temperature for the Fuji F450 is meant to be 32F, it’s holding up pretty well in these conditions! It’s also incredibly difficult trying to take photos with such long exposure due to the lack of light when you’re wearing winter minterns with 200g of down in them! Not like there’s a handy park bench or fence post to rest the camera on up here either.

Still haven’t got to see the northern lights yet – conditions were pretty good tonight with it being so cold, clear and calm, but no joy! Ah well, maybe tomorrow night…


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