A walk along the river

Was very cool being able to get the internet from home this morning, and to be able to chat over Skype without having to go to school. Isn’t too happy using a webcam with Skype as the connection speed won’t break any records, but can live with that!

But, after chatting with dad about how Travis, one of the special ed teachers, is in Bethel this weekend looking at getting a boat for the summer and how frozen the rivers are right through until the end of May, Kat + I picked up Rocky and headed out for a walk along one of the smaller rivers off the Kuskowim that winds it way through the village.

Me and Rocky

Out on the river itself, pretty calm where the snowmobiles haven’t already been:

On the river

Kat being a big kid, couldn’t resist making a snow angel in the fresh snow:

Snow angel

Dotted along the river, along with various sized boats docked up ready for the summer, are little fishing camps. Just a couple of little wooden huts usually, though this one had a tent. Not quite sure what they’re for as it’s not that far out of the village, though guess it’s just so they don’t have to haul their equipment back + forth:

Fishing camp

Once we were far enough out of the village, we let Rocky off this leash. Is easier than trying to hold him back all the time! He certainly enjoyed getting to run free and follow all the other animal tracks (mainly fox) aross the river and onto the river banks:

Rocky on the riverbank

Not quite sure where these guys were heading off to, as they were a long way out of the village, but they’d obviously had a busy day of logging. Quite a few houses use wooden fires and stoves, and these guys were hauling their logs home in sleds on the back of a snowmobile:

Snowmobile loggers

Was a really nice day to be out for walk, as although the temperature was down to about -15C or so, wasn’t that bad with so much sunshine. Coming back into the village was a bit colder with the wind into our faces, but it’s afternoons like this that make it worthwhile living up here. Rocky is also getting a lot better when going out for a walk, paying much more attention when you call him back:

Marie + Kat had ordered in some food from one of the grocery stores in Bethel yesterday afternoon and most of it has arrived okay today. Easy to get fresh food in like that, and also means you get in things like aerosol-based deodorants which you can’t order in on-line 🙂 Also found out this morning that one of the guppies I figured was female definately was given the fact there was a little baby guppy swimming around the tank! So hard to see unless they’re up near the surface, so not sure if it’s survived, and can’t see any other babies. There’s a couple of fish tanks at the school in classrooms without fish in though, so if we end up with a lot of babies surviving, may well donate them to the school (i.e. palm them off on someone else!).


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