Valentine’s dinner out in the sticks

Since we’re kinda limited in terms of what we can buy from the local store (especially at their prices!), Kat played Sally Homemaker last night to make a candle-lit valentine’s day dinner for us:

Valentine's dinner

Meatloaf, hash browns and scrambled egg for the main dish, Cool-Whip and chocolate pudding sundae for dessert, with a vintage 2007 Diet Coke to wash it down. My kinda dinner – we enjoyed it 🙂

We got a few hours of snowfall a couple of days ago covering all the ice on the lakes and walkways. I’ve also taken to putting yack-tracks on the bottom of my walking shoes to stop me going arse over tit on the ice like I did hauling water on Sunday. Felt a bit better since Kat had done the same thing about 30 seconds beforehand though.


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