Another walk around Tunt

Got up early this morning, or at least early for me, and had a pretty nice sunrise:

Early sunrise

I was planning on going for a walk in the afternoon anyways, and Kat had obviously read my mind as Rocky was picked up from Marie’s and brought home as Kat came back for lunch. Think he’s starting to realise that when he gets brought here during the day, it means he’s going for a walk as seemed even more excited than normal! This is Rocky heading into the ‘forest’:

Tunt forest

It’s meant to get quite nice walking through here in autumn when the leaves are loosing their colour, and I imagine the same after a decent after amount of soft snow that would hang on the branches.

Further round on the river that passes by school, a few fishing boats and huts – this isn’t a black + white shot, simply an absence of colour round here!

Fishing boats on school river

After a few photos of the Moravian church when we got married, the Russian Orthodox church deserves a showing.This is the new church, built a few years ago:

New Russian Orthodox church

And just a couple of hundred yards away, the old Russian Orthodox church, now abandoned:

Old Russian Orthodox church

One thing that had kinda confused me was how comparatively small the cemeteries are for both the Russian Orthodox and the Moravian churches. Finding out a little about the history of Tuntutuliak, the village has actually only been here on this particular site for about 50 years. There was another Tuntutuliak elsewhere along the river, but not sure why it was left and re-built here. By co-incidence, Katie, the lady that made our wedding cake, was the first child born after the village was moved here. Her mother gave birth out on the tundra whilst picking berries!


Someone else has obviously been out on the tundra and had some success hunting. Not sure whether they’re moose or caribou, but I wouldn’t have wanted to mess with the animal beforehand as these are about 4/5 across!

Heading out towards the end of the world (trash site!), here’s the ‘classic’ view of Tunt that pretty much everyone seems to have taken at some point:

Classic view of Tunt

After wanding back across the tundra towards the village again, stopped by to see the puppies I wrote about yesterday. Here’s the pair, with their mother protecting them since they could see + smell Rocky with me:

Safe puppies

Over to the airport, again taking the scenic route away from all the boardwalks across the tundra, and my question as to whether the two airplanes owned by guys from the village are airworthy are answered:


Flying very low just after takeoff, and heading off in the direction of Bethel. Pretty windy out here, but both planes are off elsewhere, and a lot of snowmobiles and four-wheelers packed round the back and side so must have been busy this morning:

Empty airport

And now for a Rolf Harris moment – can you guess what it is yet:

Corp store

Can’t spell the proper name, but it’s the Corp store, the main mini-supermarket where four shelves of ammunition are opposite the kid’s toys, and the winter clothes are on the same aisle (admitedly there’s only three aisles…) as the laundry detergent! Round two, and no clues to be had from the name on the front since half the letters have long since fallen off:

Medical center

This is the medical center, which is actually pretty smart inside. No doctor, just a couple of trained almost-nurses for want of a better description! Can handle all prescriptions and basic medical stuff, or simply refer you to the main hospital in Bethel. Least we got our medical sorted since getting married, so I’m now fully covered for pretty everything – useful considering the state of some of the boardwalks with great chunks missing or boards that see-saw as you walk over them 🙂


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