Rounding off a pretty uneventful week

Not had much going on this past week – not exactly all that exciting writing about completing Gears of War on the Xbox 360!

The workmen that cleared up their mess on Monday or Tuesday after getting all the foundations laid for the water treatment center haven’t returned so am guessing it’s another team that will do the rest of the construction. Was meant to take about a month to build, but Frank said he’d be surprised if was completed by the end of May so it’s probably one month of actual construction time, but spread out over 4 months!

Re-freezing lakes

The temperature has been dropping back to around 10-15F the last few days though. Not really had any snow, and not much forecast for the next week, just get a good thick frost each morning and freezing rain on Friday/Saturday which grounded the airlines. It does make it quite nice walking around though as it’s just warm enough so you’re not layered with all the snow gear or wading through snow drifts over a foot deep.

Hidden lake

Kat and I went out for a walk yesterday with Rocky, which is fun when the boardwalks are covered in ice and you have a very energetic dog trying to pull you off your feet – is a case of me shouting which direction to go when there’s an intersection on the boardwalks, but he’s actually taking me for a walk 🙂

I was a bit worried a few days ago though as I’d seen a group of kids about 7/8 years old on the adventure playground near school with a couple of small puppies throwing them down the slides and kicking them when they got stuck – it’s pretty normal behaviour for some kids and even adults as often dogs aren’t treated that well up here. As we were walking back from the store half an hour later, a lady came up to us on a four-wheeler looking for the puppies as it turns out the kids had stolen them. Not the brightest of kids though as they’d stolen them off the only policeman in the village! But, we called them yesterday and the puppies had been returned to them okay and were doing fine. We saw them yesterday as we were walking around and seemed fine, so I feel a bit better. Not sure they’ll grow up looking quite as cute as Rocky though:

Rocky on the porch

I also got to see where Rocky was born yesterday, and his sister has just had puppies too, though they weren’t outside playing. Kat + I have been looking at getting a puppy after the summer, so we’ll check out the animal shelters in Anchorage or maybe get a puppy from a litter up in the village. To be honest, getting a puppy from the village is saving it from what’s likely to be a pretty miserable life anyway. Still, Koda seemed pretty happy earlier on – gave him an old tennis ball and he thought it was the best thing ever:

Koda on boardwalk

We’ve got Jana, the speech pathologist from Anchorage, due to stay with us on Monday or Tuesday depending on when she flies out with the way the weather is. Don’t think it will be quite as eventful as last time – bringing in 4 guppies wrapped in wooly hat to keep them warm! Will also be the first valentine’s day Kat + I have spent together on Wednesday. Since there’s no Hallmark store in the village, need to get creative on that one 🙂


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