A couple of useful freeware OS X apps

Since hard drive troubles seem pretty common at the moment with mam + dad, Marie and possibly Kat all having failures in the past week, I’m hoping my MacBook keeps ticking over fine! But, a cool little app for OS X to back-up your data is SilverKeeper from LaCie. I’ve used this since I got the MacBook last June and does exactly what backup software should do without any fuss. Need to provide an e-mail address before downloading, but is probably the best free backup software on the Mac.

Another cool little app I came across today whilst trying to setup a USB webcam on Marie’s replacement iBook is macam which provides support for a host of USB webcams under OS X (since a lot of manufacturers don’t provide OS X drivers). It also includes a handy plugin to sit in /Library/Quicktime which gives other video apps direct access to your USB webcam without needing to run macam itself. Worked perfectly with the Trust 120 Spacecam, so for anyone trying to get a USB webcam working under OS X, give macam a try.


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