Really enjoyed the Super Bowl party yesterday

The Super Bowl party at Nick’s was really good fun yesterday afternoon, though doesn’t look I’ve been missing much in not getting the half-time shows when I’ve watched it back in England. Even aside from putting Prince as the headline act (not a fan of him at all), it wasn’t all that impressive. His line of “Can I play the guitar?” before going into a solo during Purple Rain was obviously rhetorical as surely someone organising it all should have shouted “NO!” to save him making such a mess of it.

Barbequeing hot dogs outside whilst it’s -3C with Nick standing in a pair of shorts and no socks was certainly different too! At least Indianapolis overcome Hester’s touchdown-scoring kick-off return to win pretty convincingly, though aside from the 1st quarter the game wasn’t quite as close or exciting as the Madden version on the Xbox 360 the night before (though both games did have a number of fumbles + interceptions!).

At least the workmen building the new water purifying station have quietened down a little – 7a.m starts both Saturday + Sunday whilst they had the water disconnected at school allowed them to drill all the foundations. All the materials and equipment they had right outside the houses have all been cleared this afternoon, so once some snow falls (forecasted for tomorrow), it should start looking a bit better than exposed mud covered in tyre tracks 🙂


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